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Maker Faire: NC is an annual festival that celebrates and teaches tinkering and Do-It-Yourself in everything from traditional crafts to modern robotics.


If you have already applied to exhibit as a Maker at 2013's Maker Faire: NC you can log in using the form to the left. If you've come here because you want to exhibit at Maker Faire: NC this year you should fill out the form below. If you stumbled across this page by accident you can learn all about Maker Faire: NC by clicking HERE.

Disclaimer: This page may be ugly for a bit. It's very version 0.1, but it'll help us keep our ducks in a row.

New Maker Exhibitor Application

If you already have an account with us, please login at the left. You'll get a chance to submit your application after you log in.

We've put together a short (~3 minute) video that talks a bit about how the process of selecting Makers works and what we're seeking. You may want watch it before you fill out your application.

Privacy Policy / Maker Agreement Information

Maker Faire: NC respects your privacy and will not share your information except to the degree required by our contractual relationship with Make Media. Permitting this sharing with Make Media is necessary to be considered as a Maker at Maker Faire: NC.

You can read the full privacy statement here.

I accept Maker Faire's Privacy Policy for Makers

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Why? So you'll be able to come back here to check the status of your application, get Maker-only information and more!

Maker Type

Makers exhibiting at Maker Faire North Carolina generally fall into one of three broad categories: individuals, groups and commercial vendors.

Individuals - a single Maker with one or more projects OR a team of Makers working jointly on a single project.

Groups - Hackerspaces, Maker Guilds, and clubs with numerous people each doing different things.

Commercial - established for-profit enterprises that wish to exhibit and / or sell a product(s). (Note: Maker Faire: NC is NOT a trade or vendor show. Commercial applicants must be an excellent fit before they will be considered. Experience has shown that this is for mutual benefit.) *Sidekick sponsorship or higher is required; see Sponsor the Event for more details.

Which category best describes your application as Maker?

What You Want To Do

Use this space to tell us why you should be at Maker Faire: NC! What do you want to share? How will you inspire and educate? Here's your chance to wow us! Want a little help? Check out our short video on what makes a great exhibit.

Note: If you are applying as a large group (such as a Maker's Guild or Hackerspace) we will follow-up with you later to get more details about specific members and their work so that we can highlight what you do and to determine space/layout needs at the Faire.


This space is for you to ask any questions or provide information to us that didn't fit anywhere else. It's completely optional. If you have a question that is time-sensitive, please contact our Maker Coordinator.


Do you have an online presence? Add a link here!

Review and Submit

Please take a quick look back over you application and make any corrections or changes that you wish. Satisfied?